A walk around the Lands End peninsula July 1978

Here is a copy of the book I made from my notes

It followed the walk we did the previous year (1977) when we started from Lamorna and walked to Newquay.
Unfortunately I haven't any photos of that walk and I didn't take notes.

That year the walk was very strenuous so we decided to do a shorter version in 1978 so we could take more notice of the interesting sites along the way.
John Billet joined us on this walk.

The photographs

In this book the rectangular coloured photos were taken by me. In these photos John Billet is wearing the cheque shirt, the other person will be Dave.
The six square coloured prints were taken by John Billet so it will be me and Dave in those photos.

All the black and white photos were taken by Dave. They are of various sizes because Dave used to do all his own printing, developing & cropping.
John Billet can be recognised by the chequered shirt and white hat, the thin chap is me.

Click on the link below to open the book

A walk around the Lands End peninsula July 1978

Duncan and Mark SWCP walk 2005

Duncan and friend Mark did a series of walks in 2005. Duncan sent me links to the records he posted on everytrail.com.

I have copied these pages and present them here as a pdf 


And just for fun, this recently discovered video of   three men in a boat. (Thanks to all involved in getting this piece of history back to me)